Happy Customer
Alanna in Toronto

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I was looking to service my furnace, HRV and AC unit as part of regular maintenance and was referred to Cu Mechanical. The technician showed up on time and I was very impressed by how professional, transparent and friendly they were. During the appointment, the technician made sure to explain everything they were doing which I felt was very important (I like to be well informed). They made sure to educate me on my existing systems and demonstrated how I could clean simple components myself (I.e HRV filter, condensate line etc). It was also recommended that I install a condensate neutralizer as a preventative measure (I.e to prevent acid erosion with my drain). In general, I would highly recommend Cu Mechanical for all your HVAC needs because of how reliable and thorough they are. They also offer an array of other services as per their website. I plan on having them install a central humidifier in my home very soon, and they have provided me with three different solutions. Quotes and the pros and cons of each solution were clearly outlined for me. Regardless of which option I choose, I know without a doubt that Cu Mechanical will execute with excellence. Thank you Cu Mechanical!! I look forward to being a long time customer of yours.